RSP defends itself over Wolverine leak allegations

03 April, 2009 by IF

Rising Sun Pictures has issued a statement denying it had anything to do with the online leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine footage, which the FBI is currently investigating.

An almost finished copy of the movie has been downloaded several 100,000 times since Tuesday this week. The problem is that this version does not contain any of the finished CGI effects and some users claim it looks "horrible" as a result.


Many of the scenes are missing and it includes temporary music and sound. RSP’s name on a work-in-progress shot is said to appear in the film, but there is no strong evidence to support the leak originating there.

In response to these claims, the company denies that it is in any way related to the unauthorised release of the material.

RSP Chairman and co-founder Tony Clark: "From the reports we’ve had, the stolen material is a work in progress version of the film with many incomplete sections.

As we worked on individual sequences within the film, neither RSP or its staff members have ever been in possession of a completed version, so it would have been impossible for the full length movie to have been leaked from here.

"It’s common practice for work in progress between us and the production to carry vendor watermarks and for these works in progress to be integrated into various edits of the film for screenings which would explain why our name appears."
Fox Studios says that because their content is forensically marked they should eventually be able to trace the person who uploaded it to the Internet.

Under the law, the person found guilty of this crime will face prosecution and a prison sentence.