SA government sweetens payroll tax exemption to attract film and TV projects

05 October, 2012 by Brendan Swift

The South Australian government will grant producers upfront payroll tax exemptions for film and television projects made in the state.

The new policy will allow producers to immediately apply for the tax exemption rather than carrying the tax liability through to the end production, when the exemption is currently claimed.


Minister for the Arts John Hill said the new arrangements were unique to South Australia and would make the state a more attractive destination for film and television production.

“This approach won’t cost the government any more money, but could save major productions hundreds of thousands of dollars that they would otherwise have to claim back after payment,” he said in a statement.

The exemption applies automatically to films and television programs made wholly in South Australia and can also be granted to those that film 75 per cent of the production in the state.

The government recently funded the $43 million Adelaide Studios facility at Glenside, where horror movie The Babadook is currently being filmed.

South Australian Film Corporation boss Richard Harris said the high Australian dollar and the tough global financial scene are making it difficult to attract productions but the payroll tax exemption would boost the case to shoot in SA.

“The change to payroll tax exemption adds an advantage the many benefits of shooting in South Australia, including brand new production facilities at the Adelaide Studios – which includes one of only two Dolby Premier sound mixing rooms in the country – easy access to stunning locations in the country, city, coast and outback and the attractiveness of Adelaide as a base for productions.”

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