SAFC launches Enterprise of its own

25 February, 2009 by IF

[press release from SAFC]

The Premier Mike Rann today announced that AMPCo Films will be the first recipient of a unique new South Australian Film Corporation development initiative to be known as the Enterprise Development Program (EDP).


The EDP is a pilot scheme that enhances the SAFC’s existing Producer Business Development program, which was designed to assist producers establish production businesses in the state.

The EDP extends this scheme by providing up to $500,000 development funding over two years for production companies that have secured genuine opportunities to develop and expand their business in terms of turnover, range
and number of projects and/or the range of business activities undertaken to enhance the company’s sustainability.

To successfully access this funding, production companies will need to demonstrate the strength of their company’s business plan, its track record and principals, the nature of the proposed slate of projects and the applicant’s overall
strategy for development, production, marketing and distribution.

Companies who access the EDP will be ineligible to apply for funding from other SAFC programs. AMPCo Films with Director Mario Andreacchio (Napoleon, Elephant Tales) at the helm, has sourced a considerable amount of investment from a number of capital investors, and in conjunction with Adelaide investment firm MHM, has developed a highly structured business plan and production strategy to finance family genre films outside the normal strictures of the Australian film industry.

The SAFC Board has approved funding of $500,000 over a two year period, to help further develop the AMPCo business strategy and slate of projects.

“This is yet another example of the innovative approach that the South Australian government is prepared to take to promote local production companies,” said Premier Mike Rann. “It will give local producers, who want to grow the scope and scale of their companies a significant boost, as it will cut through the red tape currently required for producers to develop a slate of projects.”

Mario Andreacchio says ”there is such an emphasis on the ‘new’ or the ‘emerging’, that without a sophisticated support to develop and expand the top end, we really don’t have an industry. This initiative not only recognises the importance of expanding the advanced end of the industry, but also provides a framework for the ‘emerging’ industry to develop into.”

SAFC Chair Cheryl Bart said “this is more good news for the local film industry, which is poised to once again become a powerhouse. It shows once again, to the entire Australian film community, that South Australia is well and truly open for

The Pilot scheme will run for two years, during which time South Australian Production Companies are encouraged to apply.

The SAFC will soon be releasing DRAFT guidelines for industry consultation.








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