SBS considers bringing advertising contract in-house

02 March, 2009 by IF

[press release from SBS and The Stenmark Organisation]

SBS and The Stenmark Organisation confirmed the two organisations are discussing the possibility of SBS bringing more of its advertising sales activity in-house.


SBS Managing Director Shaun Brown said:

“SBS and Stenmark have been considering a model that would result in Stenmark’s Sydney and Melbourne sales team moving in-house.

“We have a highly successful relationship with The Stenmark Organisation which has produced significant increases in our revenue over the past three years and that relationship will continue.

“We are working closely together to ensure the right balance is struck between in-house and outsourced activities.”

Chairman and Managing Director of The Stenmark Organisation, Damien Stenmark, said:

“These discussions are in the same spirit that has characterised the longstanding partnership between The Stenmark Organisation and SBS. This collaboration has produced outstanding results over the years and we expect it to continue to do so.”








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