SBS launches Virtual Community Centre for Chinese Australians

10 February, 2011 by IF

Press release from SBS

In conjunction with today’s launch of an online Virtual Community Centre (VCC) for Chinese Australians, SBS has announced a number of innovative cross-platform sales partnerships and a supporting advertising campaign in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.


The VCC will be ‘the’ online destinationfor Australia’s Chinese community and will provide an online community where Mandarin and Cantonese speaking Australians can connect culturally and linguistically.

As the online destination for all of SBS’s Chinese content, the VCC will feature Australian and international news, entertainment, film, views and social networking for Chinese Australians. The VCC also provides SBS with an opportunity to connect culturally and linguistically diverse communities with important information about living in Australia.

SBS has developed a number of cross-platform advertising partnerships which, like the VCC, will abandon the traditional lines between television, radio and online creating a totally unique service.

For example, Wealthy Health, an Australian natural supplements company, has taken a 12 month package with executions across all platforms encompassing Mandarin News Australia, the VCC website and SBS Radio.

Pennytel, one of Australasia's best Broadband Phone service providers, has partnered with SBS in a promotion giving VCC users the chance to win $50 phone card credit per day during February. One $50 phone card credit will be given away each day during February to the user who posts the best blog, video, comment or photo upload on the VCC site. The competition will be promoted online and on SBS Radio.

The launch of the VCC is complemented by a cross-platform marketing campaign that is designed to deliver new audiences to the Mandarin News Australia service and SBS Radio's Mandarin and Cantonese programs and the VCC deepening Chinese Australians’ engagement with SBS’s Chinese content.

The multilingual and multiplatform campaign has been timed to coincide with Chinese New Year and features strong visuals of items that are important to Chinese audiences, and are also symbolic of Chinese New Year, e.g.: firecracker. Each symbol comprises a hub, and the item is surrounded by descriptions of various features of the on air and online services.

The campaign, which has been produced in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, comprises SBS Television, SBS Radio, SBS Online, social media (Facebook and Our story: With Australia becoming an increasingly desirable country to live in we have a higher proportion of people born overseas (23.1%) than the United States (11.4%) Twitter) and search engine marketing. Executions also feature outdoor signage, and other print, online and radio advertising.

The creative concept has been developed by SBS’s agency partners Razor/Us in conjunction with Cultural Perspectives.

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