Sci-Fi Channel offers a first for Aussie sci-fi fans

26 July, 2011 by IF

Press release from the Sci Fi Channel

Clustr is the nation’s first branded TV check-in, social networking-enabled smart phone application that has launched in conjunction with the premiere of Doctor
Who: The Tom Baker Years on SCI FI Channel.


The SCI FI Channel, now not only figuratively living in the future, has positioned itself at the forefront of Australian smart phone application technology.

Clustr is a forum for viewers to chat in real-time by checking-in to SCI FI programs such as Doctor Who: The Tom Baker Years, Lost Girl and many more series, nation-wide.

Clustrs functionality allows users to keep track of their favourite series and/or episodes, connect, share and compete with their friends for VIP status, discover badges, and read episode reviews.

The option for users to upload photos and leave reviews linked to TV episodes is unique to Clustr, which will further enhance the experience for users.

Peter Hudson, CEO of SCI FI Channel says "SCI FI wants to reach our viewers with something that is one-of-a-kind, innovative and useful. The Clustr app is a lot of fun but it's also a wonderful way for us to bring our passionate community of viewers together on one platform"

Clustr will be available for free download on Android and iPhones on August 5.

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