Press release from Blind Spot Pictures and Adobe Systems

Adobe has once again teamed up with the creators of the Finnish Star Trek parody “Star Wreck” to support their enthusiastic and creative working methods with upcoming sci-fi comedy “Iron Sky”.

The Iron Sky CGI-department led by VFX -producer Samuli Torssonen has been using Adobe products for a long time: “One day, when we were working on Star Wreck, a shipment of Creative Suite 2 boxes arrived. Without those tools it would’ve probably been impossible to finish the film on schedule.”

Many years have passed after that and the CGI-team has been growing all the time. Now the team is filming their next movie about space Nazis with the production company Blind Spot Pictures and a budget of about 7M €. Adobe was selected to be the provider of the software because of the company’s great products, commitment to innovation and its broad technical expertise that all exceed the high standards of the Iron Sky movie production. Iron Sky uses Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection to create the unique look of Iron Sky.

“It’s great that Adobe has been following us and supporting us from the very beginning. Personally I think that this kind of a long-term collaboration is something that companies should aim for. Now we are going to work with the Iron Sky visual effects for one year and during that time we are developing our collaboration even further, so this is only a start”, Torssonen comments the collaboration.

"Our previous movie, Star Wreck, was seen by over eight million people all over the world. This has built Iron Sky a large and a very active fan base, who can't wait to hear more about our upcoming movie," comments the director of Iron Sky Timo Vuorensola. "One of the driving forces of our production is keeping in direct contact with our fans, both in social media and in our collaborative movie creation platform Our collaboration with Adobe doesn’t stop after we have installed the software. Actually we are going to open the doors to our CGI-department and offer some tutorials how you are able to create images similar to Iron Sky."

“Adobe had a chance to work and cooperate with the Iron Sky team in their previous movie project, Star Wreck back in 2005. Adobe’s solutions enabled and played a decisive role in the overall creation of Star Wreck”, states Business Development Manager Max Hagelstam from Adobe. “We are thrilled about their upcoming movie Iron Sky, which is to be released in the beginning of 2012. Adobe is absolutely stoked about having a chance to be involved in the creation of Iron Sky, and is cooperating with the Iron Sky team to ensure the creation of the best possible visual experience for the movie audience.”

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