Screen Australia corrects on accreditation

26 August, 2008 by IF

[release from Screen Australia]

Producers are reminded that productions with funding from Screen Australia’s predecessor agencies delivered after 1 July should credit the new agency rather than the AFC, FFC and/or Film Australia. This applies to both film credits and marketing materials (print and web).


If film credits have already been completed with predecessor agency logo/s they can remain. However, if you can change them to credit Screen Australia at no cost, you should do so. Refer to the Screen Australia Credits Guide for required wording.

Marketing materials produced after 1 July should credit Screen Australia even when film credits have been completed with AFC, FFC or FAL logos. If marketing materials are in process or it’s possible to update them at no cost, the Screen Australia logo should be used.

Please contact your Screen Australia Executive Producer, Investment Manager or Project Manager to clarify and confirm.

You can download logo files suitable for film, print or web, as well as the Screen Australia Credits Guide, from the Screen Australia website.