Screen Australia gives offset co-pro update

23 December, 2008 by IF

[press release from Screen Australia]

Just a brief message and update from Screen Australia’s Producer Offset and Co-production Branch (POCB).


The Branch will be closed from Wednesday 24 December until Monday 5 January 2009. The first meeting of the Producer Offset and Co-production Committee will be in the second week of January. No certificates will be issued until after this meeting.


Marsha White, who has been the POCB Co-ordinator since October 2007, has recently left Screen Australia. From mid-January 2009, the new POCB Co-ordinator will be Kym Stewart, currently working in Screen Australia’s Legal Group. You can continue to reach us using the contact details listed below.

Also, from 1 January 2009, Michele McDonald will move into the new position of Program Manager, Producer Offset. Michele will have primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Offset, in the same way that Richard Cohen does as Program Manager, Co-productions.

Both Michele and Richard will continue to Report to Alex Sangston, Head, Producer Offset and Co-productions.


Finally, here’s an update on the first 12 months of the Producer Offset’s operation. Since the first provisional certificates were issued in January 2008:

192 provisional certificates have been issued, for 77 feature films, 79 non-feature documentaries and 36 other projects (including TV and animations).

15 final certificates have been issued: nine to documentaries, two to features and four to other projects. The total amount of QAPE determined in relation to those final certificates is $28,144,329. The total offset payable to these projects is $6,239,230.