Screen Australia offers producers placements in London or San Francisco

18 March, 2014 by Press Release

Screen Australia’s latest industry placements offer two opportunities for outstanding emerging producers to develop their skills and experience in London or San Francisco.

Screen Australia’s Talent Escalator program will support an emerging creative producer or development executive to spend six months working with Scott Free London, from June 2014, in the dynamic environment of its development team.


The program will also support an emerging producer to spend six months working with the Director of the Filmmaker360 program at the San Francisco Film Society (SFFS), from late August 2014. The Filmaker360 program supported a recent string of critically acclaimed low-budget films including Beasts of the Southern Wild, Short Term 12, and Fruitvale Station.

The successful applicants will be passionate about building a career defined by creative excellence and high personal and professional standards. They will represent the next generation of Australia’s best producing talent. The opportunities will each be funded with a grant of $50,000.

Screen Australia’s Head of Production, Sally Caplan, said, “These are both outstanding opportunities for our best emerging producing talent to take their careers to the next level, whether that’s focusing on script and story with Scott Free London or helping find the next Sundance hit at the San Francisco Film Society.

“The placements are part of Screen Australia’s ongoing commitment through the Talent Escalator program to provide first-class experiences for promising screen industry professionals, to spend time in Australia and overseas learning from the best and growing their skills and experience.”

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