Screen Australia rejigs $3m producer program

16 April, 2009 by IF

By Brendan Swift

Screen Australia will hand out $3 million under its enterprise program in a single round after receiving a glut of applications from producers.


The deadline for the program – which will provide funding of up to $500,000 per year to producers – has been extended to May 29. It will now include the second round of applications originally scheduled for August 29.

“The application process for enterprise funding will be extremely competitive,” Screen Australia said in a statement.

“Producers are also reminded that they can apply at any time for up to $50,000 per tranche for features or up to $40,000 per tranche for documentaries through the single-project development program.”

The enterprise program is aimed at creating sustainable screen businesses by encouraging new business partnerships and digital media strategies, as well as assisting companies to expand overseas and build new revenue streams.

Screen Australia plans to recoup part of the enterprise funds it invests on a case-by-case basis.