Screen Tasmania to review state of industry

15 September, 2009 by IF

Press Release from Tasmanian Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

Screen Tasmania has commissioned The Nous Group to undertake an industry review of the Tasmanian screen industry.  This comprehensive study will result in a set of recommendations for advancing the growth of the Tasmanian screen industry.  The final outcome will be the compilation of an industry vision document and a strategic plan for Screen Tasmania.


This is the first such study to be undertaken in Tasmania.  Given that Screen Tasmania is now reaching its 10 year anniversary, it is both timely and vital for the industry’s continued growth and success to formalise a strategic direction for Screen Tasmania, particularly as we move into a rapidly changing media landscape.

The Nous Group is well credentialed, with solid experience in the screen industry, having recently completed a review for the Victorian Government on the strengths and economic value of the Victorian screen industry.  They have also carried out a major analysis of the creative industries for the NSW Government as well as having recently completed the strategic planning process for SBS and Screen Australia.  

The review consists of a number of elements:

1.   Industry analysis – which will include research of outputs and performance of the sector to date

2.   Industry consultations and workshops

3.   Industry survey – designed to benchmark the areas of activity, employment numbers and economic value of the screen industry in Tasmania, as well as gain feedback on Screen Tasmania’s programs.

The combined information derived from the activities outlined above will provide a basis for a set of recommendations to be incorporated into a vision document for the future direction of Screen Tasmania activities.

Screen Tasmania is seeking to engage with the sector to ensure that all areas of the screen industry are appropriately represented. It is also vitally important to ensure that industry members are able to contribute to how we grow the screen industry in Tasmania and to express their views regarding areas of concern or importance.  Very little data about the Tasmanian screen industry currently exists, so your contribution to this survey would be most appreciated as it will help to build a more vibrant screen industry in Tasmania.

We wish to encourage open discussion and an exchange of ideas that will lead to a bold and exciting vision for the Tasmanian screen industry, one which will ensure we are globally competitive into the future.

How to complete the on-line survey:

1.   Visit the webpage:

2.   Complete the survey by Monday 28 September 2009

We will be in contact in the near future to invite you to participate in one of the consultation workshops in either Hobart or Launceston.