Sunday, starring Camille Keenan and Dustin Clare, begins NZ shoot

21 February, 2012 by Danii Logue

A relationship-focused drama set in earthquake-ravaged Christchurch has started filming in New Zealand.

The Australian-New Zealand co-production Sunday will be shot entirely on location in many of the city’s undamaged areas. One year ago a magnitude 6.3 earthquake devastated Christchurch, killing 185 people.


"While the film’s backdrop is a broken Christchurch city, there is a strong theme of hope and rebuilding,” co-writer, producer and director Michelle Joy said. “We want to shoot many of Christchurch’s undamaged areas, and attractions, and aim to showcase Christchurch as a city with unique potential. We all feel strongly about creating something special for Christchurch.”

Also representing New Zealand is Lloyd’s partner – Ryan Alexander Lloyd (Beginning, Middle & End) – who will not only share directing and producing duties but will also act as the director of photography.

The film stars Camille Keenan (Packed to the Rafters) and Silver Logie nominee Dustin Clare (Spartacus) as an expectant couple who are no longer together but have one day to try and find their way forward.

Clare and Keenan wrote the script with Lloyd.

Camille Keenan and Dustin Clare.