Support for game developers a step forward, but film industry not yet ‘saved’

28 November, 2011 by IF

Press release from The Greens

Support for games developers an exciting step, but film industry not yet ‘saved’


Extending the 40% producer tax offset to games developers, as foreshadowed by Arts Minister Simon Crean today, is a forward-thinking and job-creating step first proposed by the Greens in 2007.

However, claims that the film industry has been ‘saved’ by the increased tax offsets are premature, with an urgent need to lift the location offset to match global standards in order to continue to generate jobs and investment, the Australian Greens said today

“It’s great that Mr Crean has recognised the industry reality that the creative endeavour of game developers is worthy of the same support as the film industry,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

 “Many world-renowned high skilled workers in our film and television industry have been able to keep jobs at home thanks to the increase in the PDV tax offset in this year’s budget, but many others are still struggling because of the failure to also increase the location offset.

 “These offsets have been shown to inject five times more into the economy than they cost, and they support a vibrant local film and television industry.

  “The Greens will strongly support any move the government makes to extend production offsets to games developers, but will continue to advocate for an increase in the location offset at the same time.”

 Senator Ludlam said “The global reality is that the games industry is overtaking the film industry in terms of content creation and convergence is making the distinction between them in our tax system less and less reflective of reality.

“Australia has produced some of the world’s best games developers. We should do what we can to support them to grow, employ more people and bring more kudos to our creative industries.”