Teresa Palmer’s Track Town hopes to film in 2013

24 April, 2012 by Amanda Diaz

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a starlet with a string of blockbusters to her name must also have her own production company. But whether that company actually produces anything depends on the ambitions of the starlet.

Since co-founding production company Wood Cabin Pictures (formerly Avakea Productions) with model and actress Tahyna Tozzi almost three years ago, Teresa Palmer has been developing the script for Track Town, a film centred around the hip hop culture in Adelaide.


"It's a gritty Australian story set in the 90s," Palmer tells IF. "It's the story of two women in their twenties who are polar opposites. They accidentally kill the brother of this underworld figure and so they're being pursued and they meet interesting characters on the road. There's humour and action and drama."

The script is currently in finishing stages with the plan being for Palmer and Tozzi to play the film's leads.

"We hope to shoot it next year in Adelaide, low-budget guerilla style," says Palmer. "I would love to direct it, that's a huge dream, I don't know if it could be a reality. Even just the producing side of it has been eye-opening, I've realised that I'm very passionate about all facets of filmmaking." 

The actress can currently be seen in Kieran Darcy-Smith's directorial debut Wish You Were Here and will co-star alongside Nicholas Hoult in zombie love story Warm Bodies. She will also appear opposite Liam Hemsworth in romantic drama AWOL, a film she compares to The Notebook.