The Dark Knight Rises grosses $7.41m in second weekend at box office

30 July, 2012 by Brendan Swift

Record-setting The Dark Knight Rises posted a hefty fall in its second weekend at the box office, grossing $7.41 million at local cinemas.

The Batman film posted a 51 per cent drop compared to its opening weekend but still posted a healthy $11,804 screen average (across 628 screens). Most Hollywood blockbusters post similar opening weekend declines but the last film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight, had more staying power. Back in 2008, it opened with $11.78 million (compared to $15.09 million for the The Dark Knight Rises) but posted a stronger second weekend with $7.62 million.


Nolan's first Batman film, Batman Begins, grossed $15.78 million in Australia back in 2005 while The Dark Knight grossed $46.09 million.

The Dark Knight Rises has now grossed more than $US537.2 million worldwide although its second weekend in North America dropped 60 per cent to $US64 million amid concern that the London Olympics opening ceremony and the aftermath of the Colorado shooting kept audiences away.

Magic Mike opened in second spot in Australia with $3.82 million across 332 screens, giving it an excellent screen average of $11,505. Ted continued its strong run, grossing another $1.66 million in its fourth weekend across 307 screens. It was followed by Ice Age 4: Continental Drift ($558,268) and The Amazing Spider-Man ($534,640).

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