By Simon de Bruyn

After winning over Wolf Creek director Greg McLean as one of its fans, new Australian thriller The Horseman will have its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival this Sunday night.

The film, which was a late inclusion to this year’s MIFF program is a revenge thriller and tells the story of Christian, a man on the hunt for the men who killed his daughter.

Picking up troubled teen hitchhiker Alice, the two form an unlikely bond. But unbeknownst to Alice, with each stop they make the bodies pile up, as Christian leaves a trail of bloody retribution in his wake.

The Horseman is the first feature from Sydney-based filmmaker Steven Kastrissios of Kastle Films. He showed the film to McLean who gave it a glowing endorsement, describing the film as “a balls to the wall, edgy thriller. Think Get Carter in ‘stubbies’ crossed with Tarantino.”

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The Horseman screens at MIFF at 9:15pm this Sun August 3 at Greater Union as part of the Night Shift program. Kastrissios will be in attendance along with cast and crew.