The Legend of Ben Hall set for December release

19 September, 2016 by Jackie Keast


The Legend of Ben Hall.


Matthew Holmes’s The Legend of Ben Hall will get a national theatrical release from December 1, courtesy of Pinnacle Films.

The biopic tells the story of one of the most wanted men in Australian outlaw history. After years on the run in the outback, Ben Hall and his infamous band of outlaws decide to ride again in order to steal enough cash and gold so they can flee to America and greener pastures.

The reunited gang prove unstoppable until one fateful day, when holding up a mail coach, a police sergeant is shot dead. With the bounty on their heads growing and nowhere to go, Ben and his gang must now fight to the bitter end.

The Legend of Ben Hall, shot across regional New South Wales and Victoria, stars Jack Martin, Jamie Coffa (Gallipoli, The Lucifer King), William Lee, Joanne Dobbin (Neighbours, Swimming Upstream) and Callan McAullife (I Am Number Four, Cloudstreet, The Great Gatsby, Packed To The Rafters). 

Holmes (Twin Rivers) wrote, directed and produced the film. Russell Cunningham, Jessica Pearce and Michael Favelle produced, while Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) and Ross Angelo were the executive producers.