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The South Australian Film Corporation is delighted that three feature films developed through its innovative FilmLab development program have been selected to screen at this year’s MIFF 37ºSouth Market* (26 – 28 July).

Organised by the industry programs unit of the Melbourne International Film Festival, MIFF 37ºSouth brings the global film financing marketplace to Melbourne in the opening days of MIFF. It aims to create an opportunity for Australian producers with market-ready feature-length projects to meet with key international film co-financiers in Melbourne, pitch their projects to deepen marketplace relationships and generate financier interest in their slates.

The FilmLab features selected for ‘breakthru screenings’ are: The Infinite Man, One Eyed Girl and The Dead Speak Back. The Infinite Man is produced by Kate Croser and Sandy Cameron, and written and directed by Hugh Sullivan. One Eyed Girl is produced by David Ngo, written by Craig Behenna and Nick Matthews, and directed by Nick Matthews. The Dead Speak Back is produced by Julie Byrne, and written and directed by Jason Sweeney.

“It is incredibly exciting to see South Australian creative teams emerge from FilmLab with such unique and exciting films”, said SAFC CEO, Richard Harris. “Their participation in the MIFF 37ºSouth Market will help them take the next step towards bringing the films to Australian and international audiences. Seeing these films side by side, one can’t help but be impressed by the energy and creativity coming from what is a new wave of South Australian filmmakers.”

ONE EYED GIRL: Projector Films –
Producer: David Ngo; Director: Nick Matthews; Writers: Craig Behenna and Nick Matthews
Synopsis: A dark thriller about a psychiatrist who meets a mysterious girl from a Doomsday cult.
THE INFINITE MAN: Hedone Productions –
Producers: Kate Croser, Sandy Cameron; Writer/Director: Hugh Sullivan
Synopsis: A man's attempts to construct the ultimate romantic weekend backfire when his quest for perfection traps his lover in an infinite loop.
THE DEAD SPEAK BACK: Triptych Pictures –
Producer: Julie Byrne; Writer/Director: Jason Sweeney
Synopsis: A surrealist mystery that follows a woman following in the footsteps of the nearly and dearly departed.
FilmLab is a $4.2million development initiative of the South Australian Film Corporation that provides professional and career development opportunities for South Australian filmmakers through an intensive and bespoke development program. There are nine feature film projects being made through FilmLab. Find out more about the FilmLab teams and their projects at

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