Transmission boards Samson and Delilah

10 March, 2009 by IF

By Simon de Bruyn

Footprint Films will partner with the Paramount/Transmission team on its four theatrical releases this year, in a deal that mirrors the co-distribution deals the Transmission founders struck with Footprint during their time at Dendy.


The first film to benefit from the partnership is the Adelaide Film Festival hit Samson and Delilah.

It seems the first decision under the new partnership has been to shift the release dates for two films. Samson and Delilah has moved from April 30 to May 7, while My Year Without Sex has been shifted from May 14 to May 28.

Transmission Films was launched early last year by former Dendy executives Andrew Mackie and Richard Payten, before Dendy was sold to Icon.

As part of this new company, all films bought by the duo would be able to leverage the marketing might of Paramount Pictures Australia.

The deal is not particularly surprising, and is more a formalised version of their existing relationship, given Mackie and Peyton have (in their various roles) co-distributed all films produced by Footprint’s John Maynard since All Men Are Liars back in 1995.

Transmission already had Footprint’s Balibo and My Year Without Sex on its books, but this new deal means it will also co-distribute Kriv Stenders’ Lucky Country and Samson and Delilah, directed by Warwick Thornton and produced by Kath Shelper.

“We are really excited to be able to help Samson and Delilah reach their audience,” Mackie told INSIDEFILM.

“We’ve known both Kath and John for years – plus we share an office with both of them – so it is a real treat to work with our friends on such a sublime film.”

Paramount/Transmission currently has Dean Spanley in release.