After extensive renovations, the new completed upgrade to Stage Five and the Workshop at Docklands Studio Melbourne is ready to be officially opened.

Chief Executive Officer of Docklands Studios, Rod Allan, spoke to IF in December about what the upgrades will mean for production.

Of the work done to Stage Five, he said, “The intention was to take it from being a traditional film sound stage to a stage which is more suitable for fast turnaround TV.

“The extension… was an extension to the stage annex, not the sound stage itself, and is intended to make and create more support for the stage, which makes it more suitable for fast turnaround audience based TV production."

The upgrades also include the creation of more office and storage space, a new large room to hold audiences and a motorised lighting grid which has been added to the stage itself.

These developments will see Stage Five able to host primary occupant Channel 9 as well as being able to take other bookings for other clients at the same time.

“Our goal was really to improve the functionality of the stage and improve its chances of securing bookings,” Allan said.

The other aspect of the improvements made to the Studios are the renovations in the warehouse building, which will allow it to be used by multiple clients at the same time, and landscaping the entrance so that trucks can easily access and exit the site.

The Hon. Louise Asher MLA, Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business will officially open the new facility next Tuesday.

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