WA Liberal government pledges $2m to attract more film to the state

21 February, 2013 by Brendan Swift

The Western Australian Liberal government has pledged to commit an extra $2 million over four years to attract more film production to the state.

The extra funding rests on whether the Colin Barnett-led party is re-elected at the upcoming state election on March 9. The premier said the funding would allow ScreenWest to establish a Production Attraction Program.


“Recent national and international successes such as Red Dog, Mad Bastards, Satellite Boy – and the upcoming Drift with Sam Worthington and Son of a Gun starring Ewan McGregor – are illustrations of how the Liberal-led Government’s support has helped the WA film industry grow and develop.

“This crucial investment has created business growth, helped to develop the skills of Western Australian practitioners, and also supported the tourism industry by bringing WA’s unique landscapes and locations to new audiences.”

ScreenWest approved grants and investment funds totalling over $9.6 million in 2011-12. More than half was allocated to production, according to its last annual report.

Culture and the arts minister John Day said WA must compete for film production with other states.

“This fund will drive more films being made in Western Australia, more jobs created, and more opportunities to profile our state to an international audience. The additional funding will enhance ScreenWest’s capacity to identify and target market opportunities both nationally and internationally.”