Press release from FOXTEL

The much-anticipated FOXTEL on Xbox 360 television service is now available to all Xbox 360 owners in metro areas of Australia.

As a result there is now a whole new way to watch FOXTEL with over 30 of FOXTEL’s world-class channels through Xbox LIVE on the Xbox, via the Internet.

The FOXTEL on Xbox 360 television service features a range of FOXTEL’s popular channel brands and offers a mix of:

– Live streamed television channels

– Catch-up TV

– FOXTEL On Demand – FOXTEL’s recently launched Internet TV and movie pay-per-view service


The Get Started package of live TV channels streamed online through the Xbox includes FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], LifeStyle YOU, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, SKY NEWS, FOX Sports News and CNN.

In addition to the Get Started package, FOXTEL on Xbox 360 subscribers may elect to subscribe to any of the following live TV packages; Entertainment, Sports, showtime and Movie Network, each including live streamed channels mirroring the channels broadcast on the FOXTEL television platform.


Subscribers to the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 live TV service can access a selection of catch-up programming from the TV channel packages at no additional cost.


FOXTEL On Demand lets you watch what you like from a choice of hundreds of movies and over a thousand TV episodes, with the number of titles expanding and increasing to over 5000 movies and TV episodes by the end of 2011.

FOXTEL recommends Xbox LIVE subscribers wishing to receive the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 service have an eligible ADSL/cable broadband service with a minimum broadband speed of 1.5MB per second.

All packages will be available by subscription from FOXTEL. FOXTEL on Xbox 360 is only available to Xbox 360 owners who live in FOXTEL metropolitan areas of Australia and who subscribe to both the Xbox LIVE service and the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 service. Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required for all live TV packages.

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